My pdoc thinks I need to go to hospital

For a short admission to get back on track. This after I emailed her and told her how bad I feel. She also wants me to double my olanzapine as well.
It came so unexpected her response. I was trying to avoid hospitalisation as much as I could. Is it really so bad. I’m so fraught!


you should go then. I know it’s not your favorite place but it’s safe. Go ahead and go. I hope you get to feeling better.


I worry when I tell my pdoc about me slitting my wrist he’ll send me to the hospital

If your doctor’s advise is that you go to the hospital, then you should probably listen to them.

My pdoc said she got a late cancellation for tomorrow so I’m seeing her tomorrow at 1pm. We will see how it goes. Maybe I don’t have to go to hospital for now…


I hate going to the hospital but sometimes it’s needed

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My husband and his parents think it is best for me to go to hospital so I’m going now tonight


Maybe it’s for the best as I still feel so bad

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Good for you. Hope you get the help you need. :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:


Thanks @GrayBear

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I thought hospitalization was a last resort. It is expensive, and I don’t think it should be done on a whim.

I’ve never paid anything for my 5 hospitalizations only ambulance charges. Insurance should cover it

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