Should i go to hospital?

They can stabilize you on the proper medications and help restore your quality of life.

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Don’t decrease meds without your doctor’s approval! You need support if it goes to hell. Yes, go to hospital.


some things they told me:
“even if you smoke weed occasionally, it affects you really bad because you have psychosis. it even affects people without psychosis and it may trigger one”.
“because now (hours after the incident when i finally got into the emergency room) you dont want to kill yourself anymore, we can’t keep you. but if it happens again and it persists, you should come and we will keep you here”
“even if you think that antipsychotic is for the mind only and doesn’t affect the feeling, it’s wrong. don’t decrease it without your doc’s permission”.
“if you have doubts about taking your pills, you can try risperdal consta”.


i have increased them, not am increased. mistake.

any comment on risperdal consta?

What is risperdal consta?

it is risperidone as injection.

OK did not know.

I could have a shot every 15 days and no longer take pills.

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now i am scared. i will take all my pills as doc said.

Good idea! Please don’t be scared; you will be ok now.

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“even if we keep you in the hospital, if you don’t take your pills you will have the same problems in the future and you will need another hospitalization. we cant make you take your pills. it’s your decision & responsibility.”

True enough…how do you feel about the injection option?

not bad. once every 15 days. I wouldn’t care for pills anymore. what do you think?

How far would you have to travel to get the injection?

not far. either in my doc when we have an appointment or in a pharmacy nearby.

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That sounds convenient! Definitely something to seriously consider. It might improve your quality of life. I don’t have enough information to really know though.

there are other injections that last a month but then i should change med. risperidone is only for 15 days. if only there was an injection for a year. that would be Great. :slight_smile:

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I agree - a once a year injection would be cool! :slight_smile:

I think if My med came in injection option I might ask my gp cos I hate having to remember ugh. It’s not such a bad idea :confused:

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