Should I go back on Seroquel?

I’m getting worried about what’s going on in Ukraine. Should I ask my doctor for Seroquel for PRN for anxiety or something else?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Something else
  • Cheese

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Going to bed now. Will check again tomorrow morning.

I would say probably not. The world is full of stressors, and if we wanted med’s for every single one of them we’d be bombed out of our minds. A strong interest and concern for what is going on in Ukraine is healthy. If you can afford it, donate to one of the many agencies helping them. That might make you feel better.


Seroquel has no anti anxiety effects

I use Seroquel for anxiety as well. If you had succes with using this antipsychotic in the past I can’t see why you shouldn’t go on it to get calmed down.

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I was given Seroquel in the hospital years ago because I had a panic attack.

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I disagree, i dont know where you got that information from.

Im prescribed 50mg twice a day for psychotic anxiety - and it does work. Its prescribed off-label by many doctors.

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I had no clue about uses for anxiety. Apologize for my misinformation.
I just read up - seroquel is commonly used off-label for anxiety.

I had to take 800mg seroquel for 8+ years. It had no effects for my anxiety.

Hope it helps.


I think Seroquel is a lousy medicine. I would ask for something different, but that’s just me. It made me fat and made my hallucinations worse. It’s probably still better than taking a benzo though.

Love your new avatar @Kxev !

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Yeah i sort of agree for some people in all honesty, i know quite a few that get the old restless legs on the stuff. But personally it suits me.


Am a big fan of seroquel. ‘Puts the brakes on’ my anxious brain


Lots of people gain 100 pounds on Zyprexa but I only gained 10-15 and it works really well for me.

So yeah I guess some people find Seroquel helpful, I’m just glad any time someone finds a med that works for them.


I gained 25% extra weight. I would starve myself sometimes. Other times i would eat only carrots for meals.

I was much younger then and had self image issues added from the medication.

I would not care as much today because it helped me.

Thanks @agent101g - re:avatar.


Try to eliminate the stressor before medicating the anxiety. Avoid the news and don’t get too caught up in events as they happen. I have no interest in the Russia-Ukraine conflict and it doesn’t bother me at all. (psychologically)

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Seroquel makes you sleep better and doesn’t cause massive weight gain below 500 mg. The only thing you have to accept is some stomach growths.

I think it’s useful to have a prn. I take Leponex and am happy with that.

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isn’t Seroquel an anti-psychotic?
if it is you need to take it every day.
it’s a weight neutral med too,
but I didn’t vote in your poll.
see what your doc says.

Yeah it’s an AP

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