Should I decrease the Haldol

I am wondering if I should decrease Haldol 2.5 mgs (I am currently taking 15 mgs). My doctor decreased 2.5 mgs from 17.5 mgs. I get sleepless nights because of the risk for Tardive Dyskensia. The doctor is on vacations and may come back when he comes back.

I have engineered my medicines in the past and made several combinations by myself.

Besides, I don’t have sex drive with Haldol above 10 mgs.

I know it is slightly risky, but TD is even more risky.

I don’t want the typical opinion by everyone where they recommend me to talk to the doctor before doing it, I want a rational opinion in the sense that if you were on a high dose of Haldol what would you do?

Ok well im gonna say it anyway you shouldnt change doses of your meds without talking to your dr first

I guess, but what if I get TD before he comes back. He just started Amisulpride in order to replace Haldol but he is on a long vacation. My life is at stake.

Honestly, It wasnt for me. I couldn’t wait to get off haldol and the drugs i needed to curb the akathisia from haldol.

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Did you ever engineer medications yourself?

I did it for 2 years. I mixed Ziprasidone with Abilify by myself. It stopped working after 7 months because I had to take 500 calories before taking the Ziprasidone. However, I wasn’t consistently doing it. At first 80 mgs worked, then even 160 stopped working.

I used to take 60mg haldol a day. It was way too much. Now i take 6 mg a day divided into 3 doses and i really like it. Idk what u should do but there have been studies that say higher doses dont work any better than lower doses. If i were u id ask my doctor to try a lower dose.

I also doubt u will get TD that quickly. Ive taken haldol for many years even at high doses and still dont have TD.

A long, long time ago I was coming off Haldol under medical supervision. While doing this I discovered that I could amp myself up pretty good by taking large amounts of caffeine and ephedrine and doing moderate exercise. I didn’t sleep for a week, and I ruined a family get together. They were going to put me on a massive dose of Haldol, but they decided to put me on Zyprexa instead. That took care of the symptoms, and I didn’t have to deal with the utter misery of a huge dose of Haldol.

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