Should I bring up my diagnosis at work?

should i say that i was having a manic episode or an episode of some sort and that is all they need to know. i’m off sick for the past week and i need to give an excuse and also an excuse for my idiotic behavior. I confronted a few people about my paranoia.

If it were me, I wouldn’t say anything about it. Most people are not very understanding and make no effort to be. Things would likely start going downhill at work if everyone starts pathologizing your every quirk and move. If a superior at work questioned me, then I would explain, but I wouldn’t go charging in there telling people. Make sure that a sense of urgency to tell others everything is not itself a part of an episode before deciding.


Just tell your head Supervisor you were experiencing some pain associated with your monthly cycle and you haven’t quite been yourself the last little while. A female boss will understand, and a male boss won’t question you twice on this.

I don’t think there’s any need at this point to lay bare any diagnosis or other personal information to your co-workers.

And above all, try to relax. It sounds like a busy Office and I’m sure you’re just one of many, many situations going on at this time in your workplace. :sunny:

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i can’t do that as the sick note to the employer says anotherwise @Patrick

@Turnip i do have this overwhelming urge to tell people mainly because i am so ashamed and need to excuse my behavior which btw was not harmful just not me.

What does the sick note to your employer say? Tell me, and maybe we can work something out here.

signs of a mental health relapse and stress due to fathers diagnosis. i have to tell my employer however i was thnking of telling my colleagues too

Well I’ve gotten those feelings and the sense of urgency in some past situations, as well, and it never did any good to tell everyone why I felt that I had acted a certain way, just made things worse. I was often blowing things way out of proportion, i.e. I thought everyone must be thinking I’ve been acting so crazy, when in reality nobody was thinking anything about me - so they were just caught off guard and bewildered by my desperate, intense explanations - and THEN then they were thinking I was a crazy.


I started off by telling my employer of my smi status when I got hiered… And they seemed OK with it… Honesty has always been the best policy with me… But I also wondered the same thing and when I talked to people about it they recommend getting a job coach… I could set it up with my clinic and I guess it’s a person who can either help u through the situation or talk to work directly and the business isn’t allowed fire u on account of it

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The stress of having an ill Father is perfectly understandable. But I’d only mention it to colleagues if it comes up.

The term ‘mental health relapse’ could convey a wide spectrum of past occurrences. I don’t feel your Supervisor requires any more information than that.



Going through life feeling like you constantly have to ‘prove’ yourself to other people is really no way to live.

Give yourself a confidence boost! You’ve got a lot goin on there, girl! Your demeanor on this forum is pleasant and respectable. Have some faith in yourself and carry the traits you bring to this site, into your daily life!

I’m 50 years old now. And I really don’t care anymore. I’m a really good guy, and if someone doesn’t see that in me, then it’s their problem, not mine.

Just be yourself. Be who you truly are and leave the other people who don’t understand you to twist in the wind…where they belong.


…with age comes wisdom and confidence.

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Aww sweet. That’s much appreciated :slight_smile: and your right I have not done anything wrong I have no reason to justify myself

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And if my lame jokes come up I’ll give em some more where that came from lol

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I wouldn’t. There can be a lot of jealousies and back biting in the workplace. People might use it against you.


“Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish.”

  • John Jakes

(In other words, try to be more like @Gir!

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@Patrick, thank you for your kindness! I need a sense of humor like yours to combat the seriousness of this illness. You know what they say, “laugh lines keep away the flatline!”

I worked for years while I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Now I’m diagnosed with ASD.

I think one time when I was diagnosed with PS, and I felt that I needed to try to explain my poor work performance due to something like psychosis, I made some vague reference to a medication adjustment that was messing with my head.

I think that people are much more understanding of the idea of medication messing with one’s head than they are about schizophrenia. Goodness, some of the people you work with probably use illegal drugs, so they are probably quite comfortable and familiar with the concept of drugs messing with a person’s mind.

On another occasion, when I made a vague reference to medication that I was on, someone unprofessionally asked what it was, and I said ‘tranquilizers,’ which is also accurate but vague.

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If it were me, I would not reveal that information. It wouldn’t be the end of the world but it may result in them treating you different and maybe not in a good way. If it were me, I would just make an apology and tell them the reason you acted the way you did is because you are going through a rough time in your life and you are under a lot of stress. Which is actually true, right?. No one needs to know your diagnosis. But whatever you decide to do, I wish you good luck.