Should I be worried?

Well it’s another post about my cognitive decline what do you guys think is it time to worry and see a doctor maybe get some tests done my symptoms are my thoughts feel like a really messed up transmission like when switching from thought to thought it feels like when switching gears of a messed up transmission I will be thinking something and forget it right away so that I can’t continue the thought sometimes or I won’t remember why I thought something but overall it’s just like I described it like my brain trying to to switch thoughts and they stagnate like a messed up transmission I have a problem with saying nice when something isn’t nice and similar things my psychiatrist is not helpful he says my antipsychotics won’t cause that can you believe that he’s not trained to well said the antipsychotics won’t cause dysphasia which I got so yeah it’s like I get a Quico feeling of what I was about to think but I can’t develop the words in my thoughts

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My pdoc says sz causes mental decline


It might be “thought block”. And that’s a sign of a relapse. Tell your doctor you suspect you might have it.

From Google:

People with thought blocking often interrupt themselves abruptly mid-sentence. They might pause for several seconds or minutes. When they start talking again, they often change the topic of conversation. Thought blocking is common in people with schizophrenia.

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I’m scared of developing dementia in my forties because of sz.


Yeah man how are you guys thoughts do they flow smoothly No I don’t think so my friend because when I talk that doesn’t happen at what age did you guys experience cognitive decline??

It’s pretty common. I got it too.

Yeah it sucks man it would be awesome if in the next 10 years they come out with a cure for dementia

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