Should I be concerned?

I’ve been tapering down on my Depakote dose.
The plan with my doctor is to be completely off the drug in like one more week.

I’ve been slowly and carefully reducing the dose.
I am now on 250mg, this is a very low dose.

Everything was going fine, I wasn’t experiencing symptoms until today.

I woke up this morning and noticed that my thoughts are more rapid and a bit bizarre.

Having some paranoid and strange thoughts about the phlebotomist who took my blood yesterday.

The thought of her actually being a witch and placing some sort of spell on me crossed my mind out of the blue.

Also was having thoughts about her tampering with my blood sample to make me seem sick.

They are not delusions but most likely intrusive thoughts.

Should I call my doctor right away?

Or is it some symptoms from withdrawing from the Depakote.

Don’t know how to handle it?

Sounds like paranoia, idk about mania, never had it.

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I’d contact the doctor.

It could just be a bad day or it could be the med reduction.

Regardless, I think it’s a good idea to run it by your doctor.


Everyone get occasional ups and downs in mood, but most people not concerned about whether its due to some mental problem or not. It usually resolves after some hours or days if wait. The main thing is not act on your thoughts so even if its paranoid, obsession etc no problem. Only when it go out of control then need to seek immediate help. As long as you are aware that those thought is not true or practical enough to be true nothing to worry about.

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I see her in 2 days.
Maybe I’ll wait then to tell her, but if it gets worse today then I’ll contact her right away.

Thanks @anon54386108 @Aziz @pr21


It doesn’t sound like mania

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Its ok to have strange thoughts. It’s not ok to take action based on strange thoughts though.

So your ok.


I also get strange thoughts and paranoia (and voices) if I reduce my meds too much.

I’d say in your case to speak to your pdoc asap if you can’t cope. I hope the next two days you will be ok and good luck with your appt!


Thanks @Hadeda @LevelJ1 @anon80490300


yea talk to your pdoc if it doesn’t clear up.

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Thanks @lekkerhondje
Feeling a little on the high side today.
Feels good to experience some euphoria!


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