Shortness of breath

I was on risperidone for several years but my breathing problems started before that, in fact the doctors tried to cure my schizophrenia with risperidone hoping that it will also cure my shortness of breath.

Oh never mind, I just read the whole thread. If it’s not risperidone then I don’t know either.

Thanks anyway for your help!

Have you had your b12 levels checked?

Yes, they were checked and I take multivitamins every day. It’s true that I have been vegan for 10 years and b12 levels are a concern.

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It could be anything, including anxiety.

Go see a family doctor to have it checked out.

The problem is I have seen every possible doctor (pulmonologist, gastroenterologist, cardiologist) and done all possible tests and everything checks out to be normal which is why they referred me to psychiatrists saying that I have somatic symptoms of schizophrenia.

Maybe, but I don’t seem to have panic attacks.

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I have shortness of breath at times but I am obese and on beta blockers.

Do you or have you ever had delusions and/or hallucinations?

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I don’t think I have panic attacks.

Well, I do think people poisoned me which is why I have shortness of breath which is of unclear origin. So you can call this a delusion. I don’t think I have hallucinations.


I see, thanks! My blood pressure and heart rate are normal and I am very physically active, I walk 20 kilometers a day.

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I have shortness of breath but I think it’s due to anxiety and also not getting enough exercise.