Medical/Mental conditions you were misdiagnosed with

I finally went to a rheumatologist about my arthritis, and she determined I have bursitis and not arthritis. She said I do have osteoarthritis in my lower back, but it was mostly my hip that really hurt.

Another thing is whether I’m SzA Depressive type or Sz with clinical depression. I was first diagnosed SzA. This one hasn’t been resolved yet.

Then there’s my heart. An echocardiogram determined I have a Grade II Diastolic Disfunction. I was treated for congestive heart failure. A pulmonologist determined I don’t have COPD, looking for a cause for my shortness of breath. She said I should lose some weight and exercise, and I would be fine.

My complaint was shortness of breath, and I have been diagnosed with just about everything.

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I had so many diagnoses, that I don’t know anymore what is the correct one and what not. I dont believe in psychiatric diagnoses anymore. Sorry you were misdiagnosed a lot too.

I have had: adjustment disorder with anxiety, PTSD, stressrelated reactive psychosis, psychotic disorder NOS, psychotic depression, bipolar, sz, sza, autism, borderline pd, personality disorder nos, ADHD, schizophreniform disorder…and I have probably forgotten a few.

I’d say I’m hypersensitive to all sorts of things (physical/emotional/intellectual), socially clumsy and hurt. The result is a mismatch with my environment and intense emotional responses that I have trouble managing. At this point I don’t really care what label they put on that, as long as they help me deal with it.

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Thanks @anon4136120 15

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