Shorter of breath and one day closer to death

Title says it all
Increasingly breathless
I was worried about palpitations
Pretty sure my heart is okay but cardiologist is getting back to me in a couple of weeks…
I had a very positive sounding echocardiogram, ct scan and ecg
During a heart test I got breathless a few times… still thought it was related to palpitations
Now I think my problem is so much more likely to be my lungs
I’ve been having a tiny bit of wheezing
And now simple tasks make me breathless
2 flights of stairs nearly kill me
I had cracked glass opacity but that cleared completely
I think this is worse than a chest infection

Too panicked to sleep

Could it be covid? A panic attack?

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Welcome to the machine.


It’s not just an immediate thing, so I don’t think it’s a panic attack
It’s just breathless after virtually no exercise like making up a sofa bed
Don’t think it’s covid because the slight fever went away after a few hours…don’t really want it back

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Ha. Loving the Pink Floyd References lol.


Some people have mild symptoms though. It could be covid


It could indeed be covid.


My heart starts pounding if I roll in bed too much.

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I hope things improve for you.

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