Short term memory problems

Sometimes when I’m thinking about something, suddenly I forget what I was thinking about seconds later, and I have to try hard to remember what I was thinking about, and sometimes the thought is just lost, I can’t manage to remember what it was.

This wasn’t the case before meds. What causes this? I’m 30 years old btw.

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Is it more of a concentration issue? I get this too.

I’s more that just thoughts disappear in my mind and I forget what I was thinking about, I guess you could say it’s related to concentration also.


Will I develop alzheimers? … let’s hope not.

Whats meds are you on? Sometimes I have this and I am on 6mg Risperdal.

I’m on 5mg olanzapine and 1mg risperdal, currently transitioning to risperdal only.

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One of my Drs told me Clozapine is best for cognition and for negative symptoms but I refused trying it because it requires frequent blood tests.

Isn’t clozapine that drug that’s known for being the “last resort drug”?, the one you try if none else works? Or did I confuse it with another drug?

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Yea it is but my Dr was going to prescribe it for cognitive and negative symptoms. She said it blocks much less dopamine than my risperdal.

If it blocks less dopamine, doesn’t that mean you just need a higher dose so it block enough dopamine to be effective? Sorry if I’m not correct.

From what I read, sz affects many neurotransmitters, dopamine is the main one but not the only one. Clozapine also works on Gaba and Glutamate (NMDA receptors).

I have a problem on the other side of the equation. I tend not to forget the ■■■■ that did or did not happen all year and exactly what happened around this time last year. I tend to think it is not a sz issue or even a drug issue, its that people don’t remember the ■■■■ they’ve done while being manic or on drugs.

This same thing happens to me. I forget what I’m saying, mid-sentence. I forget why I walked into a room. And other various situations.

I recently had a “blackout” of a whole day. No, I didn’t drink alcohol that day and I don’t do illegal drugs. But somehow, I can’t remember a single thing of that day! Hubby keeps trying to remind me of thighs and I just can’t remember. :confused:

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I have the same problem, and I will be 63 on Jan 1st. It’s frustrating.

I have the memory of a gold fish

I’m on clozapine and also have this problem. I also “forget” words while talking sometimes, where I know the definition I’m trying to express but the precise word just slips my mind. I also will be talking with someone and I’ll have an idea I want to say but it just disappears from my brain before I say it. Very frustrating.

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