My girlfriend has been telling me that it’s a lot harder to follow me in conversations lately but to me I’m making perfect sense. And she’s not the only one. My mom agrees and so do some of my coworkers. Could it be that my thinking is getting disorganized or is everyone just messing with me? It doesn’t show up when I type so why would it happen when I talk? Has this ever happened to anyone else?


Very rarely. Yes its the sz. Though without meds I have disorganized thoughts all the time and its more extreme.

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My wife and I go off on tangents all the time but we seem to follow the quick changes of subject pretty well with each other even though it annoys our normie family members quite a bit when we do it with them.

I wouldn’t necessarily call it disorganized as much as a habit of following mental associations that quickly stray off topic.

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I’m on 200mg of Clozapine right now. Could it be that this dose is too low?

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That’s reassuring. I just wish people could understand me. It’s frustrating when I’m trying to communicate and nobody can follow me. But once again, why does it only happen in person and not when I type?

Writing forces you to slow down plus it involves more planning and finer subroutines I think. Plus I think writing doesn’t require as much short term memory because you can quickly glance back and see what you have written.

I have trouble remembering long phone numbers and don’t always do a great job of “chunking” the digits together in my head.


That makes sense. Thank you for taking the time to respond :slight_smile:

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Maybe, you should tell your pdr your exact symptoms and he should know the right dosage. Personally I think 200mg is low according to online dosages.

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For me its harder to talk to persons irl than online.

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Maybe you’re not reading faces and voices so you’re reacting off? Being too literal? Perhaps?

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I’m sorry. I’m not fully sure what you mean :confused:

As in you’re not paying attention to what’s being communicated but only focusing on what’s being said literally

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That could be a possibility, I just wish there were some way around it

I’ve been keeping a log that my psychiatrist is going to go over with me on Tuesday :slight_smile:

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My ability to think and respond clearly varies. On the bad days it’s like 50 TV channels are on at the same time. It’s hard to organise my thoughts.

When I have episodes my disorganisation shows up in opposite way - I talk fairly ok but my writing muddled up

I struggle to communicate verbally too. I often stutter and forget what the other person told me.

Regardless, I write well, apparently.

I was never medicated in my years of delusions.

The severity of verbal obtrusion depends on my mood, for the lack of a better term. When I am nervous or paranoid or stressed I make more mistakes. It helps to calm down first and talk after that. Particularly, the least I am excited about the topic the easier it is for me to focus on the conversation. Try to study how public speakers structure their speeches or how formal letters or formal documentation is formed, and then apply the rules to your communication.

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