Memory Test

I scored 58 percentile first time and 45 or 48 percentile the second time.

You scored 5555. You’re currently in the top 20 percentile for this test!

I mis-clicked a couple times but overall it looks pretty accurate.

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Hmm at the second time of asking I scored 10495, even though it didn’t feel like I was doing twice as better as the first time. Anyway, nice test for a passtime, but real world is a different animal :pensive:

7082 Level 8, first time
It’s just about visual memory.

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By the way I’m in my phone. In computer must be more difficult with the mouse :thinking:

Points 5230. Level 9. First time.

I did the other tests too. Could not do numbers on the phone. But propably no loss. Can’t remember numbers.

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Nice on work on verbal memory.

Thank you. I did not think, I just pressed the buttons when I felt like I’ve seen the word.

Big difference between verbal and visual. Reaction time better than expected.


Cool. You have an exellent verbal memory!

You scored 297.0. You’re currently in the top 28 percentile for this test!
Last Active 5/19/2017

Number Memory 8 digits / 51% Reaction Time 323 ms / 28% Verbal Memory 51 points / 76% Visual Memory 6700 points / 27%


Your reaction time is impressive. Same with your other stats. It’s just that your visual memory is low. Do you know why?

I wouldn’t say that a reaction time worse than 61%of other people is particularly impressive. Although it seems to be better than several people who have posted their results here.
Perhaps slow reaction time is typical for persons with sz/sz-a. Would have to have quite a few more results to see.

According to the site the average reaction time is 215 ms.

As for the poor visual memory; I have no idea as to the technical reasons why. I do know I am poor when it comes to anything (visuo)spatial.
Poor visual memory/(visuo)spatial difficulties seems to occur with nonverbal learning disorder which I have talked about as something I may have,although not diagnosed with it.

Tried to delete my post but couldn’t.

Reaction: 12th percentile
Verbal: 93rd percentile
Visual: 33rd percentile

Not surprised about reaction time, I’m sort of slow to react.

Couldn’t do the number memory one on my phone

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After a hour of my brain melting and nodding off in my head trying to get to 100k, here is my two best scores, level14 is cancer.

I hate this game, please put me to rest I can’t get to 100k.


Memory declines with age so I was pleased with the 90%/79 points. However it is very variable. I tried the verbal memory one several times and got from 43 to 83 points.

My mom thought I had nonverbal learning disorder when I was a kid. It would fit with the disparity between my verbal and spatial test results.