Shoot.. something "creepy" just occurred outside my house

An older type car stopped outside my house… a person in a blue hooded sweatshirt walked to the front door and photographed the house up close.

It could have been the house number…

My folks put in a portico somewhat recently so maybe it had something to do with that.

Hmph… didn’t really want to have this on my mind.

Did they get permission to build the portico?

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I believe so. I think they went through all the proper channels and got a permit.

It was a bright blue hoodie so that eases my mind… the hood was in use of course… but it’s raining.

The silver lining is I’m on my meds… hahaha

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its probably nothing, i wouldn’t worry about it

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Ok. It was just so recent/current and it’s apropos to what we tend to go through. I’d have told my folks but they’re currently out.

If you rent, it could be the insurance company taking photos of the house. They come every three years to photograph the house I’m renting…

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