Neighbors outside

My upstairs neighbors were out there. I looked at them and kept going. I opened the apt door a little too much. I think Godzilla was looking toward me and saw into my apt. Paranoia

I’m sorry you’re struggling. I am too.

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What’s going on?

@roxanna this is your thread. I just said it so you know you’re not alone. I’m no good at advice so I thought I’d give you moral support instead. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well the upstairs neighbors aren’t going to hurt me. Godzilla was saying that my bf beats on me. Which is not true. But they want to keep harassing me. Her significant other was outside when I came back from giving my dad my bus pass. I always look at my surroundings when I’m outside so if they get offended of being looked at they ■■■■ and leave me alone

Neighbors just called me a lesbian. Last time I checked I like dick. Lol sorry for that. I guess they think they know me. not even gonna not gonna let bother me anymore. I’m trying to get out of a psychosis. Ffs

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