She said I was mean whenI told her I don't like kids

A girl at work. I was surprised she said that. I wouldn’t call it mean. My dad didn’t like kids either except for us; me and my two sisters. If kids are polite and behave I can stand them. I don’t HATE them. Before my dad died he told me that having us kids was the best thing that ever happened to him in this whole life.

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I do not like children either 77nick77. :baby: :baby_bottle:

I like kids, I used to work with kids for many years. If I encounter a spoiled misbehaving kid, I quickly question the kids parents and their parenting skills - I rarely blame the kid


i like kids…but she had no right to sat that to you…

I’m not a children person either, but if I have my own I would love them. But other people’s kids I’m not keen on. I don’t coo over babies or want to hold them. But again, if I had my own baby, I guess it would be different.