Do you enjoy playing with kids?

I never play with kids. we have a big family and neverending supply of babies, but I don’t enjoy playing with them. I like kids 10+ or around that age. the age you don’t have to watch them all the time and you can talk to them a little bit.

anyways that is something I learned about myself, I don’t enjoy playing with young kids, changing diapers, and making baby faces

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When my kids were little i really only liked them. Wasn’t fond of other little children mostly because other children weren’t taught to not scream.
In teenage years i really like all my kids friends
They are laid back and fun

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I don’t like how the older kids

have to take care of the babies

what’d you have a kid for?

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I don’t have any kids, 7 nieces and nephews ranging from 20 years old to two years old. I was 14 when my first niece was born.

seems with kids, they like young people and gravitate towards them. it was a little uncomfortable when I was younger. now that im a man, they barely pay attention to me, and want to play with their cousins instead

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I like my daughter but don’t like other kids. They annoy the ■■■■ out of me.


I like kids, especially toddlers.
I don’t like results of bad parenting, though.

And I don’t want kids of my own.


I see my nephew as baby Krsna and I love it

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I don’t think my brothers are teaching sex education at home

it’s so important to know where babies come from, in the true sense

they treat kids like they are too removed from knowledge

I got on the kids one time to tell grandma, my mom,
how great the decorations were at Christmas

they just take it all for granted

I don’t feel comfortable talking to children, in case their parents think I am weird, because of my mental illness, I have a teenage daughter so at least I have got one child to talk to.


I love children…unbridled energy, curiosity, fearlessness, creativity…no racism, no drugs…

I could hang around kids all day. :smile:


I wish I could watch movies like my nephews watch Lego ninjago.


All the kids in the neighborhood used to hang with my daughter at my house until the next door neighbor’s boy got a pool


did you feed them?

Of course I fed them. If it was dinner time. But there were times when I sent them home to eat


lol sounds pricey. I wouldn’t want a bunch of hungry kids at my house. we’d be having spaghetti I reckon or rice and beans

I made good money back then and my mortgage and lot rent together was only $350/month. I now own my mobile home


Hey. Pinto beans goes a long way too.

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i made hot dogs for my friend and her daughter and niece last week, they are adorable and i like having a joke with them :slight_smile: she remembered the song i sang at xmas and put it on, so young and such a good memory before she even started primary school :slight_smile:

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I like my kids and kids that are well behaved. I hate screaming, bratty kids. Mine aren’t perfect, but they know what is and is not acceptable behavior. (no screaming, keep hands to oneself, respect others and their property, etc)

@Daze mentioned older kids watching the younger. Not here. I only allow that once in a while when they ask for it. Like the teen taking the youngest to the library or park. We don’t believe in the built in babysitter thing like a lot of people seem to.


I lived with my sister and my 5 year old nephew for three years. I used to play with my nephew. I gave him rides on my back when I was on all fours. We played with his little wooden “Thomas the Tank Engine” train set. I wanted to be the cool uncle and I think I was.

Kids in general were never my favorite but when I lived with my sister and nephew, I got along fine with both of them. I used to go pick him up from his school with my sister and I met his teacher and I played basketball with him and his friends and toured his classroom. So I feel I fulfilled my quota of being nice to kids.

But I have nothing against kids now, I see kids all the time on my street and I give them one glance and don’t bug them and they don’t bug me. I used to not like kids but at age 57 I can get along with them and I have no grudges with them.

Hell, if I’m not mistaken, I think I might have been a kid once too.

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