She may look skinny

Jasper hadn’t been soaked in about a week. She just pooped so she looks skinny. I’m still ordering hornworms when i get paid on the first. I got a prepaid card.


Jasper doesn’t look skinny to me but that may be cause the camera supposedly adds 10 lbs. :smile:

In all seriousness, you take really good care of Jasper. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t know what frogs typically look like, so I’ll trust your judgment that your frog is a lil on the small side right now. I always enjoy your posts. It’s so cute to see someone take such good care of their animals. :purple_heart: Very wholesome.


Such a cute animal

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Well she didn’t eat again i thought about trying different feeder company she doesn’t seem to like the night crawlers my partner bought. She also bit me didn’t hurt

I didn’t know that frogs could bite. :flushed:

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She just confused my finger for a night crawler it’s pinkish like her favorite crawlers. Problem was the night crawler i was trying to feed her was dyed green. She is incredibly picky she has had hornworms before which I’m going to order a large value pack that includes them.


Just give her some zyprexa. :smile:


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