Just admiring some pictures

jasper is getting big the first photo was taken when my partner first surprised me with him and the second is one from a month ago


He looks like a laid back fellow. But maybe one I wouldn’t want to piss off.

most of the time pretty laid back only has been aggressive once but my friend told me from a pacman forum that it may have been just a feeding response

Do you often raise frogs? It’s an interesting pet to have.

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Always like your pics of the animals! You do a great job with them and it’s something I imagine grows on you!

It’s great to have passion in your life and you show that with your treatment of animals! Thanks for sharing!


The way he has his eyes closed makes him look mad. I know it is probably just a normal frog thing though.:sunglasses:

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Is it toxic will you hallucinate if you eat it ??? I know there is frogs that make you hallucinate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My cats would love to chase him!

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