Pdoc paranoia (memories)


I remember being in the hospital and thinking that my pdoc was poisoning my food with a drug to enhance pyschic abilities so that she could harvest ghosts from me as part of a secret government project to steal my thoughts. I was also convinced that I was on the set of American Horror Story and everyone (patients, nurses, doctors) were just actors.

:laugh: It seems ridiculous now but I was so convinced it was true. I was scared to death of her, and I was sure everyone was talking about me.


Yeah, delusions can get pretty crazy. It’s not too terribly complicated, but some time ago, my voices were telling me that the lady in the green hat would kill me, and I had to let her because if I didn’t die, the darkness would break into my soul and use me as a force for evil. I’m pretty sure I posted about it on the forum, actually. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking. Like, that doesn’t make any sense. I must’ve been out of my fu cking mind.


My delusion that started my psychotic episode was thinking that God told me to isolate myself from everyone, delusions can seriously mess you up


My worst has gotta be thinking the TVs were cameras. I know who I thought was watching me but I won’t mention it. I felt like a prisoner in my own home,every time I would walk into the room (with a tv) I would hear the voices conversing about how I looked or if I looked nervous (the voices thought I knew secrets about them:delusion related) I would spend days in my room with no technology whatsoever,only leaving to get something to eat


When I was in hospital I thought I could control peoples minds. I felt like all of the staff there weren’t sentient and I was living in a simulation. It felt like all their responses were fake and that I (as a supreme solitary alien being) created them and the world so that I could live as a human and wouldn’t be lonely anymore.


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