Share your recovery plans here

Let us hear about your plans for recovery.

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Take my meds and them lower them a bit every year untill I am on the lowest dose possible, oh and ensuring early med interventions before a relapse

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Stress management via writing and therapy and courses. Confidence building via weight loss, electrolysis, laser and therapy.

Exercise -regular!- and a hopefully-what -is-a good diet

Staying on this forum to reduce myself from going insane from boredom

Get a job ASAP and move away from the family, it gets a bit overwhelming with them whilst ill

that is what I can think of right now

oh yes,

enough sleep and avoid alcohol, smoking and drugs

find out what my drug mdma dosage was in terms of was it a lot—so that I get some peace of mind in satisfying my curiosity on that

My plans are as follows:
To try to wear my HR sensor on my bicep instead of forearm during rowing in the hope it will work better
To add strength training to the aerobics I already do;
To learn Chinese characters;
To improve my chess;
To try to study Mathematics.

In parallel I hope to keep intrusive thoughts and irritability in check.

These are my recovery goals generally speaking.


I wish I didnt smoke tough habit to kick


Stay medicated and try to get better at art and music. Slowly but surely. I’m practicing trumpet :trumpet: today. It’s hard but fun. I have a show on Friday and I’m hoping friends come out. I was sick yesterday but I feel better now. Still getting some of the old bitterness towards those with perceived success. I’d like to stop those feelings. I lost some friends and it sorta angers me that they don’t like me anymore. But I’m keeping calm externally. Im kinda calm internally. Just miss feeling like some people care. My Instagram gets likes but mostly from hashtags, my Facebook is a wasteland of void communication. I wish I was better liked. I shaved today, gotta bathe and walk more regularly. Plans. Ya know. I need to be more productive.

to be more precise my exercise routine is currently

a slow jog around my nearby park with music in my ears,it is the only way–with music in my ears otherwise I just cant do it
the jog is about 45 minutes :slight_smile:
I hope to keep this up, past experiences I have given up to due finding I couldn’t do it anymore.

Gonna do intensive CBT to turn around my persistent negative thought patterns.
Also gunning for a med change.

In terms of my physical health, I’m working on eating healthier, drinking more water, drinking less coffee, etc. Oh, and can’t forget exercise. I’m trying to walk a little every day, at least.

Hoping for success at work but if this job doesn’t work out I’ll just try something else, no biggie. Beating myself up has gotten old.

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