Share your latest discovery


I discovered there is a lot to learn about archery. I discovered the proper arrow and tip. That are meant for my bow. Arrows have a weight or gpi, grains per inch. And at 60# draw the proper gpi arrow and tip, the better the bow shoots. People have their own thing that they are studying or specialize in just thought I’d share with you mine.


Very cool. I have discovered a new hardier thornless blackberry that grows very easily and can attract more bees into the garden.

Triple Crown Blackberries. Large yield and easy to maintain and best of all… Thornless. No thorns. :smiley:


Man I bet you make discoveries all the time.


Thank you for that. I have been working on being in the world outside my head instead of the world deep in the center of my brain. I have a lot of catching up to do.

What sparked your interest in bow hunting?


I was taught how to use my legs to bench press. Sounds weird but power style benching is all about using your entire body, back, legs, arms and chest to push the weight up. I had been using just my chest and triceps.

It’s pretty uncomfortable to arch your back that hard and push with your legs while also using your chest, back and arms to lower and push the bar back up. It’s a big adjustment to classic benching with your chest and triceps.


I discovered from reading some of my answers to posts that I’m still hung up on food + think about it a lot. Forty years after my anorexia.


I discovered that my exact med dosage is 1.75mg. And my biggest discovery is the amino acids for my rare schizo symptom.


Those triple crown blackberries look delish. That’s a smart way to put it surprised J coz I am also trying to live with the outside world much less the inside brain. There are reasons for that.

I got interested in archery because it’s a field like with mortimermous power lifting I discover evolve get better.

Not just that. It is like a car obsession. For example all the lift kits, hydraulics, 26’ rims, v 12 bentleys. I get interested first in what the bow is capable of. It’s lethal. Men like things like that, guns for example is a whole new world to discover for some. I learned some ballistics, a science homicide detectives use. Some is applied in bow hunting as well as aerodynamics.

It was a calling that grew on me. Once you fire the bow you want to make sure your arrow is hitting it’s mark every time thus making it a challenge and a fun sport. Thanks for the replies all.


I just learned how to play “hey there Delilah” on the guitar. It’s a pretty song and is pretty easy to play. I go through periods where I want to learn all these songs then I go through periods where I don’t play at all.


That is a nice discovery, I’ve learned how to play bhethoven(sp?) on keys awhile back. So much to discover with music it is wonderful.


There is a lot to discover with music…I bought a twelve string guitar a while back because it sounds like angels singing…I love it…I love music.


I’m going to get a basement soon and buy a Marshal amp. Turn it up and practice guitar a lot more. I was at the bar today and thought, If you can’t grasp people as their own individual infinity then your narrow minded. Guess thats what I learned drinking tonight.


I found a new book that I also learned how to download as an eBook and borrowed online from our library. It’s called “A History of the World in 100 Objects,” and it’s a production from the British Museum by Neil MacGregor… started in the middle by reading about the early growth of world trade in Africa, China, Korea and Japan. I discovered history about 10 years ago after reading in philosophy seemed to lead me no farther.


Hi boris, u can really turn it up loud in a basement. I was wondering what you meant by grasp an individual’s infinity?


I have discovered the cause of Parkinson’s disease, Eureka


I like that song. Plain White T’s if I’m not mistaken.


I discovered I’m not always wrong.


I discovered this forum.


Hey, stormy.

Do you know that song ‘Storms’ by Fleetwood Mac?


Nope, I can’t say that I do.