Any Skitzo hunters?

Man today was a fun day. I went to Chuck’s gun bait tackle and pawn because the string on my bow was wearing out, they said they were going to fix it and add a quiver. I just bought some broadheads from wal-mart yesterday. I went to the archery range and my vehicle got stuck in the mud. But this fellow archer walked by and gave me some advice on how to get out. It was dug in about an inch or so. He tells me go forward slowly and then go backward slowly and sure enough I got my truck right out of there. I had called for help for my parents to pull me out but that wasn’t needed. My dad said it was a good way to get him out of bed. You know that is right aging folks need to walk and get exercise. The forest there is so thick you can see the path but not far at all into the woods. I bought a hunting license and I’ll be ready to hunt in a week once they get done fixing my bow. Great outlet for people to experience the natural outdoors. We were checking out guns. My pop showed me a nice weatherby rifle for like $1200. Had a lot of nice pistol firearms. I was interested in the 12 gauges. I’d like to go slug hunting some day. Have a good one.

My uncle loves hunting, I was kind of wrecked by the time he told me I was eating a deer! The whole being under 10 at the time and loving raindeers argh anyway you actually make it sound like intriguing.


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I’d probably say OK to the bow, but not to the gun. Guns give the hunter an unfair advantage over the animal. What do you hunt?

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I wouldn’t eat the squirrels my grandfather killed + my grandmother fried up like chicken. So now I can’t say I’ve eaten squirrel. A little proud of that.

Omg, I would be heartbroken eating something I thought pulled Santa’s sleigh. But I bet your taste buds were not complaining =p

Lol, I couldn’t eat dinner!


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I think hypothetically speaking, if your hunting in the Alaskan frontier where there are hungry 1500 lb Grizzly bears and you are on the menu it’s fair to have a high powered rifle. I hunt anything from rabbit, fox, bobcat, deer, bear, turkey, feral hogs, coyote, opossum, alligator and raccoon. I like the challenge of that the bow is compared to a gun. Anyway that’s quite the debate.

Good for u man. I play games. I’m like dirt poor. Damn disabilities. My parents too. I can’t afford a gun

I can understand about the challenge of the bow. I use to really like owls, until I heard about an owl that reached into martin houses and took the baby birds out of their nests. Kind of like owl fast food. I had an image of an owl flying at night, spotting it’s prey and swooping down + taking it. That’s skill and the challenge of the hunt.

But I would never want to kill a wild animal because I like their beauty. Once dead, its beauty is gone. Though opossum and wild boar - I wouldn’t care that much -

How can you not like cute little possums or wild boar i like them both i wouldnt want them near me but i would love to see them from a distance or in a car possums wouldn€t worry me i love them…

I live in a big city, not much hunting opportunity. I wouldn’t have the guts to pull the trigger anyway. I do fish though. We’re in Salmon country.

I killed one deer in my life, that was enough for me. I have no problem with my brothers doing it though, deer and wild hog tastes great! Personally, I have more fun just walking around in the woods, I’ll leave the dirty work to someone else.

I had a chance to go on a mushroom hunt in a forest. That was really cool for me. The guy had a trained pig and we just wandered around waiting for the pig to find mushrooms. We found a few. It was odd and I would love to do that again.

I don’t like killing animals. Communists? Sure. Terrorists? Heck ya. But not animals.

My dad was a city boy so he never taught my to hunt. I do live in a area that has a lot of hunting. My neighbor sometime gives me deer meat. I think he gives me a share when he gets one on my land.

From the country Ridgerunner

One holed up in the trunk of my father’s car once. After several days he caught the opossum by the tail and hauled it out. The opossum curled up and tried to bite him with a snarl full of sharp teeth. It wasn’t pretty.

That reminds me of the time at our property in PA. The rottweiler I had named Buddy, locked jaws on a possum. Shook it up pretty bad. It lie still for about a hour we forgot about it, next thing it vanished.

There has been a family of possums living under our back porch for quite a few years now, though I’ve only seen one at a time at night. They like cat food…so did the 6 baby raccoons who used to come every night and eat the food we left out, then they stopped for a while. This year we heard a commotion out on the front porch and looked on the security cameras and saw 4 large raccoons had come up to the porch looking for food and scared our little stray kitty.