Scary dreams. what is your scary dream?

Last night I dreamt that me and two other people were swinging from a skyscraper near the top.

my swing started to break and i was kind of dangling.

then i managed to get hold of the side of the building but i was stuck. i could not reach the window, and the other two people were just looking at me sadly like they realised i might just let go.

it was scary and sad (i do also have a fear of heights)

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my interpretation is me giving up on making effort in life. it is really sad. the way the two other ppl were looking at me at this realisation :,(

I dont have nightmares. Do you think that could mean something?

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I used to dream over and over again about being murdered.

Every time I died I woke up angry that it wasn’t real, and my mind was torturing me in my sleep

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yes dreams interpretations are always about how you interpret them yourself since they are coming out of my own mind.

i think it means my time is running out in terms of at some point soon it is gonna be too late and i would have done ireversible damage with my lifestyle choices. basically it is a warning dream…

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sorry to hear that you want to die :pensive:

i hope things get better for you

My dreams are of being handed back tests on which I scored 20 or 30 percent, feeling like my brain is malfunctioning, or missing the bus.

Sometimes I have interesting dreams about video games that never existed, like finding something new in a bargain bin for my old game boy called Final Fantasy Fallout Edition or something like that. Those are the dreams that don’t scare me.


Sorry probably not appropriate to post things like that.

I literally have such a low tolerance level at the moment, I am not sure what to do

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I have dreams about tornadoes. There will be multiple funnels whirling around, and I will go to what I think is a safe place to weather the storm. Then I’ll find out my safe place isn’t nearly as safe as I thought.

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I kept waking up from this tonight

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It’s absolutely appropriate this place is to voice your concerns etc etc so yea.

I wish I could provide some advice but idk what to say.

One thing defo don’t give up with the talk therapy idea even if it’s absolutely ages away. It will be worth it, if you open up to them.

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To me you seem like such a caring soul Butterflyy. Every post and comment ive seen of yours is lovely. :v:


aw thanks @Ozzyskits, I am ok I think, but i defo have much space for improvement, hehe :wink:

I love those weird video game dreams. If I was any good at game dev I’d play with those ideas.


I have the most terrifying dreams every night hands down.


I often dream of finding myself lost in some unknown city. By the way, I’m also scared of heights

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I never dreamed until I first went ‘psychotic’. The main dream was me going back to high school. I think I usually ended up graduating.

Then when I resigned from the Mormon church I had a dream about the prophet speaking to me under the tree of life. That was the very same night I resigned.

I also had back to back dreams about being on President Obama’s staff. The next night I had one about being in the CIA. Ever since those dreams I believe somebody is messing with my dreams.

Now I dream about Women occasionally never full penetration. The last two nights I’ve had dreams about being in the Army. Yesterday I had a dream that I was deployed. I had this overarching fear that I’d accidentally kill one of my buddies by friendly fire. That’s always been my fear since I accidentally shot a pop up of a little girl in training. I think I got PTSD from training if that’s even a thing.

Just typing this out makes me think it’s unlikely that somebody is messing with my dreams. Its just bizzare.

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Pamela Anderson without any make-up.


I dreamt i was on an airport :rofl:

Since My Harmless, Painless, Invisible Coma.

I Remember 0.5% of My Dreams.

The Ones That Swim to The Surface Usually Are Vivid And Slightly Sharp. And as Soon as I Blink Twice After Waking up. The Dreams Are Swept Away From Memory.

Gotta Be Honest, As Quickly as I Wake And Step to Me Feet. I Rise And Feel Like I Haven’t Slept at All. Very Energetic And Ready to Get The Day Started.

Sorry I Couldn’t Contribute With Remembered Dreams, From Lately… :pensive: