Share music?

Anyone got music or albums to share?

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What kind of music genre do you like? I’m into mostly classic rock, I like R.E.M. and No Doubt, too.

I always liked this one.

Led Zepplin-Cat stevens-eric clapton-ella fitzgerald-linda ronstadt…on and on!!! I just saw a post that I put up for my son…" No music-no life" Henever watches TV—just listens to the radio…he used to play guitar…

Yeah, the first concert I ever went to I was 16 and I saw Led Zepplin. Cat Stevens was good to until he became a monk or a priest or something like that. I never got into Eric Clapton for some reason. I guess it was because his voice always sounded generic to me. Like it never had a distinct “sound” like a Robert Plant or a Mick Jagger. The only think I liked about Eric Clapton was that he played on George Harrison’s, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” off of the White Album. Linda Ronstadt; had a legitimate shot at becoming First Lady. I’m with your son. Sometimes TV is too much and I need to hear a John Denver or Mozart CD.

Anything just trying stuff out

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Three of my favorites.

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Thanks for posts bleh

Mainstream is lame not much variation.

I’m all about underground instrumentals. The great stuff that they don’t play on the radio. There is an overwhelming amount. But they don’t get air time because of the strict policy in which songs have to be under to play on mainstream music. Music has to be a certain way. And I think mainstream would do better if they played more artists other than the same old routine. Its not just them doing music. Its other peoples music millions. That don’t get played. And you can count the mainstream artists you think they have hits… Well when you delve into individual artists the music is so vast.

Right Here Right Now by Fatboy Slim and Paradise by Coldplay, and Ulysses by Dead Can Dance :smiley:


“bleh” as in , you don’t like them?

i need my girl by the national nscratches head and wishes i knew how to post a link lol.

in fact i dont like whats happened to our music eventually CDs will be like tapes and then theyll have all the control and bump up music prices downloading music seems like some obscure wizardry to me.

A Dead Can Dance fan? :smile: I thought I was the only one.

“Towards the Within” is my favorite album of theirs.

Matisyahu - King Without a Crown

Wow! I still have this album! Streets of fire, do it all night…

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Think I was 14 when this came out. Loved it. First song I heard from Led Zep was " whole lotta love". I was 10. First album I ever bought was Houses of the Holy. Its funny-people put a show on with all kinds of costimes etc...In the 70s, singers just used to get up and SING! I think I`m getting old-LOL!!

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