Can we share some music?

here is a nice song that i found on vevo by a band called bipolar sunshine-

this one is called - we’re still here and i like it-

Classic 80’s. Brings back tragic memories.

by a schizophrenic pianist, david helfgott, there’s a cd of him playing classics, i.e. Rachmaninoff.

it is great for classic music lovers like me.


the manic street preachers frontman went schizophrenic apparently and he went missing and was never found, his name was Richard and some of his music is awesome :slight_smile:


Excellent choice. I love this song. Supposedly about an affair John Lennon had.

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Wow I didnt know that - very interesting, thanks Nick

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I recommend anything by Rasputina. They play cellos in a rockin roll way.


they have another song called bright eyes i think and it never fails to get a tear from me :cry: such a beautiful song.