This deserves it own thread(music)

feels true right now

Sorry @77nick77

Really man you’re the boss. Ignore the relevance of the song to me saying that. I think there is a growing list of people i should apologize to/

We’re cool, we already cleared it up on the other thread.

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White stripes are great. I’ve been on the hunt for new artists/new music lately.

I think one of the favorite ones I’ve found recently is called “City Burns” by Andra Day. Beautiful to me, and I just really connected with it.

I’ll give it a listen. Check the music threads on here. Lot’s of links from a lot of people on there.

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Not sure if it’s your style, but it’s a nice song nonetheless

I tried given lana del ray a listen and that failed… but I’ve got plenty of time.

and for everyone else

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I don’t like Lana del Ray either. I hate all that indie music that’s just some person mumbling while trippy music plays in the background which is like…70% of the new music out

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I read this as mumbling white trippy music… hahhah good laugh in that

Yeah new music is hit or miss. Guess that’s how it always was.

Do you have a genre you typically like? Or is it just kind of random?

I always forget how much I like talking to people on this website. Probably for the best, since I get addicted too easy wahaha.

Wish I knew you folks in real life :confused: Though would we all get along then? Who knows, who knows…

■■■■ real people they suck

You didn’t answer my questions though

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Haha I drive my family/friends nuts with my music tastes. I literally like some of everything. I don’t have favorite genres so much as I just hear songs and either like them or don’t.

I don’t like death metal/screamo, rap or country. (And there’s even a few exceptions for country) So pretty much anything goes.

sounds like you’re a real person then…

I typically don’t even like acoustic… but there are acoustic song I like.

You might no this one. Thanks to @waterway I do as well

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Lol anyone who likes those genres is subhuman apparently.

I have classical, opera, alternative rock, top 50 pop, classic rock, hip hop, R&B, jazzy stuff, stuff from musicals. Queen could be playing one minute and the next it’s Sound of Music and after that Sinatra, or maybe Amy Winehouse…my music taste is eclectic. I can’t even say there’s one genre that dominates any others on my playlist. Sorry :<

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that’s cool

I was just being an ass about the genre thing. Some metal is ok. Some rap is alright. Garth brooks was awesome.