I am a trans male and I identified as pan then gay then ace then ive been pretty sure I am gay for a year or so now, but I remember being attracted to girls and people of third genders, and then today I saw a girl and i was !!! but also I really can’t tell the differences between attractions, i’m just very confused and yeah kinda wanted to rant a bit.

Do what seems natural idk. Follow your instincts :pen_fountain:


man you young so I’d just say take your time in defining yourself… there are all kinds of people out there and you never know…

there is a term pansexual for those who look past gender and just look at the person for who they are and determine if they find that character appealing…

but… again man… take your time… who makes you nervous doesn’t necessarily mean you’re attracted… people you really want to be with will make you comfortable and probably aroused by even minimal contact… like a brush on your arm echos through your whole body…

now from the outside it’s all about appearances and gender or whatnot… but what really works for you is probably going to be someone with a compatible personality and the body-type… whatever it is… that you find appealing for whatever reason…

Take care @lucas… (and welcome to the forum)


Take your time with your sexuality. You’ve got your whole life to be an adult. Ultimately, you’ll know when it feels right.

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Thanks for the honesty

I have major filters I can’t let go of

Been asked to do group


One man woman

Anyway bi is good when young I’ve heard but my friends male always went with permanent male partner

I don’t see anything wrong with that. i’m a lesbian and have been with my partner for 8 years. anyway don’t rush into defining your sexuality do what feels natural to you.


sound like cool dudes to me…

Yeah Bryan except my one friend Jason wants the life of Baudelaire

But still gets snared by fashionable women

well that guy sounds cool too…

I don’t know I thought I was bi for a while… but really the only thing about men that makes me uncomfortable is that they are just like me and we literally can read each other… it was strange for a long time and it does make us nervous to a degree… at least the sensitive types… but I guess I’m straight because I’ve had countless occurences of physical closeness with men… even had a dude who passed out in a car while sitting next to me and wound up sleeping on my shoulder… never did much of anything aside from the ainx of wondering… then the right girls brush up against me and my whole body turns on and I can’t help but think about them for… well a long god damned time…

Still… I could imagine it being different and I respect it… if men made me feel that way I’d have no choice but to want it… homosex is beautiful just because the feelings involved… regardless of how it looks…

Anyways it’s all good and fun so long as it’s consensual… genders… orientations… whatever… some people just want to try… but it’s more about our emotive reflective… we just see ourselves as more blushy and quick to laugh then the stern and composed thing a man is supposed to be…

I know quite a few guys like me… they even play it gay just to show their comfort… I think it’s hella cool and very funny… but when it really comes down to it… it doesn’t matter at all… we are what we are… we should do what we do unless someone is a rapist and then they should be… well … I don’t even know… probably dead… because that ■■■■ is ■■■■■■… and totally unacceptable… I’d support the killing of evil people over the raping of the good in a heartbeat…


Azley, in the news, woman unconscious getting raped, sues, or whatever.

Where in the hell were her female friends? huh? unconscious, and nobody cared???

I’ve seen better loyalty with men.

Daze you’re quite the conundrum today :smile:

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Stay safe:blush:

Well a lot of rape happens systematically when women are involuntarily exposed to the presence of routinely abusive men who they can’t escape due to financial or familial constraints…

We’re all alone for the most part @daze… these are just the ■■■■■■ up clubbers getting swooped up by someone with a roofie… the are girls tied into jobs with abusive bosses or neighbors in areas where cops don’t respond…

I partially blame those who are raped… I partially blame the system… but god damn when it really comes down to it the rapist is the one at fault… there is no other way to see it.

no sympathy for the devil… though he might not go away… he should always be combated.

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human nature is just grotesque I guess, I learned that at age 18 in the dorms

vomiting over jungle juice party, guy making out with me under the toilet.

sorry. shouldn’t shared that.

since I’m revealing, I peed my pants too,

but it was the first time I had ever drank.

Like others have said, don’t fret too much about your sexuality. I dated guys and girls in high school. It’s not a lifetime commitment - take the time to learn what makes you happy.


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