No interest in sex

I have almost no interest in sex. Is this common among sz patients? Its becoming a problem in my marriage. Sex sometimes disgusts me. I don’t know when last I felt desirous for sex, it was a long time ago. Does sz affect the sex drive?

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Maybe the meds, but not sz.

Yeah. Some meds can make you become asexual. What meds are you taking? Have you talk to your pdoc about that?

Yeah, talk to your dr.
I had somewhat of the opposite problem. I really wanted sex but my body was too numb to feel it, so the need wasn’t filled so I wanted more, all the time.

It’s probably the meds because I think libido is stimulated by chemicals in our brains that the meds reduce or block or whatever they do to regulate our symptoms.

I think it’s meds
For me I am on full dose seroxat which affects it however every now and then I feel like doing it
Might be a phase or might be meds

You must be on risperdal. Abilify is supposed to be the best for sex

It didn’t help me with sex. Then again I was so out of my head I might not have been present enough for sex.