Sexual Healing Measures

Hello I have to take trazodone a bit later. Please share any of your sexual healing measures as bipolar and schizophrenia sufferers.

Apologies if this is against the rules. Thank you.

What do you mean? As in healing from loss of sexual desire and function?

No I mean exploration of healthy sexuality. Thank you.

one of my favorite songs


It’s OK. I think I am the most sexual person on the forum. Ahh well.

Sorry if I offended with this topic. Sexual exploration of the 21st century is something I am writing about in an article tonight. Just took my trazodone.

Well basically risperdal will zap your libido. That’s why I can’t take any antipsychotics.

We talk about sex here all the time. It isn’t a taboo topic. We talk about fetishes, lgbt sex, straight sex, and everything In between. POrn. Masturbation. Etc. You didn’t offend anyone.

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That being said, we don’t allow graphic sexual posts, like describing sex acts in depth. We have teen members so we DO keep an eye on stuff.

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I try to respect others and myself when exploring my sexuality. As a gay man there is a lot of pressure to be very sexual, but I’m more about emotional connections than I am about sex. Communication is key, especially with consent in mind.


@ZombieMombie Thank you for laying down the rules. I am STRAIGHT. Only rare bisexual urges. But I respect all. I also have a feminine side.

It doesn’t matter if you’re straight, bi, or gay. This is a safe place for all. Most of the mods are lgbt here, so we keep it a good place to be open no matter what yoy are.

You said you were writing an article. So you’re a writer? I’m an author and freelance writer since 2005. I wrote on sex for a time for several websites and did a quick few jobs as a sex toy site writer!


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