Certain medications are sexenhancers

Did you heard of something similar?

My gabapentin makes me hypersexual in higher doses. It definitely increases my sex drive even at the low dose I currently take. Not a terrible side effect, if I’m being honest :wink:

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That ruined my lifegoals. Why psychiatrist don’t inform the patients what it does to your sexlife. I think it would be honest.

What do you mean?

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I don’t want to get suspended. Its a critical issue talking about sexuality here.

You’re allowed to discuss sexuality. Just keep it PG 13, because we have members as young as 13 on here.

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Everybody who can read and write is a suspect.:hugs:

I don’t know how you would feel being a total wanker, but i feel not good about it. Especially when it gets local.

whats the meds name?

Zychlophonpixol. I heard it through the grapevine.

I know when I take antidepressants I get aroused but then I can’t climax.

What’s a sexen?

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