'Severely disabled'

Is this easier for people to acknowledge about you when it’s a physical rather than mental issue?

The personal assistant who cleans for me was saying I’m the youngest of the people she helps. Then she corrected herself and said Oh there’s X(can’t remember name she said) she’s 47 and severely disabled.
I did wonder whether she was indicating that she thinks I’m not severely disabled hence adding the statement about the other person.

I guess with something physical it’s less hidden and easier to see. Few of us here are floridly psychotic 24x365. For some of us negative symptoms are more prominent rather than the more ‘In your face’ positive symptoms. It can take a certain set of factors to occur to make it obvious that things aren’t as ‘ok’ as an initial reckoning indicated .

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Are you psychotic? I thought you had a personality disorder

I’ve been on the diagnostic merry go round. Started off with schizophrenia then to schizoaffective mixed type or bipolar. After that personality disorder nos. After that paranoid pd. In October schizophrenia and ASD were reckoned to be the best fits.

Taken from correspondence about me.

And he has in the past suffered from some delusional thoughts which are now managed by medication

January 2017

Suffers from psychotic symptoms


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If ten percent of szc commit suicide that is one way of indicating hw much mental suffering we go thru. It is horrible wanting to do so much but feeling too zombie fied to do it. Like caged up animal I feel

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