Setting new goals, looking to better my life

Now that I’ve recovered, I’m eyeballing some new goals. I can’t do much right now because my foot is still broken and in a boot, but hopefully the podiatrist clears me when I see him on Wednesday and takes this damn thing off. I anticipate losing my SSDI (fine, it has served its purpose), so I better get on the horse and find a job. All week I’ve been playing maid and cleaning the house, but that doesn’t bring in the money. Verizon is having a job fair soon, and I think I should go to it and see if I can land a job with them. The pay is average, but they offer all the benefits beginning on day one of employment including health insurance. I have trouble holding jobs because my personality is such that I don’t put up with much BS or deal with stupid bosses very well. I tend to snap and just quit without foresight. Gotta rectify that. Or at least get it under control. So get a job, get out of this boot, these are the things on my plate right now.


That sounds great! My son always says he works better alone. He always looks for a job that is 3rd shift where there won`t be many people around

Alien, I didn’t get all of the info about you quitting your meds. How do you and your Dr know that you have recovered, after leaving off the meds for such a a short time? I say that because what if you lose your SSDI and then have a relapse?

Hi alien. I have quit jobs in many stupid ways, including getting myself fired a couple times. I was mainly hurting myself. In the jobs I’ve had, I have been replaceable. Sure, when I walk off a job or fail to,show up it may have inconvenienced my former employer for a short time, but jobs are harder to find these days and there is fierce competition for jobs. When we have engineers applying for janitor jobs to feed their families, it shows that the pendulum has swung back to the employers. It’s an employers market out there, they are in the drivers seat. Lots of jobs have a stack of applications when a position has opened up. Dr… Phil once said that we engage in certain behaviur because of the reward involved. I don’t know about you, but it has actually felt GOOD to storm off a job or two. But then they fill my position in a week, everybody there forgets about me, and I’m out of a job and I have no money. So I agree with you, you have to work on dealing with pressure on the job better.