I just quit my job

I can’t believe I did that, but I had to. It was too much stress, and too fast-paced for me. Way too much stress. Now I don’t know what I’m going to do for money. They were going to fire me very soon, anyway, I just beat them to the punch.

This morning while I was delivering meds to patient rooms there was this little girl in the one room I went into who was just crying and moaning in agony. Stuff like that got to me, too. I just wanted to cry for this little girl.

I didn’t even go talk to my boss. I just packed up the contents of my locker, said goodbye to a couple of the nicer techs, told them, “I’m out; I can’t do this anymore,” and left.

I’m going to take it easy today, but tomorrow I will probably go fill out job apps, start looking around.


But I’m sure you feel some relief? I know how it feels. I hope you’re ok. And I hope you find something soon :slight_smile:

I suppose there is some relief knowing I don’t have to go back there. Also, knowing I won’t be waking up at 2:00-2:15 a.m. to get ready for work. Maybe I can find something with more normal hours.

Yes. Lack of sleep is not good for us. Not healthy.


I’m sorry. I know how hard you tried to make that job work for you. You should feel proud of what you accomplished while you were there. And I know you’ll be able to find another job.


@anon80629714, I was still getting six or seven hours of sleep per night, not too bad, but I was having to go to bed around 7 p.m. to make that happen.

@ninjastar, I sure hope I find something quickly. And yes, I tried like hell to make that job work. It was bad for my mental health, though.


I’ve had jobs like that. Jobs where all I wanted to do was stay and make a difference, but they just destroyed my stability. It’s hard to admit defeat.

In your state, what are the rules for Medicaid and temporary welfare? Can you use social services as a bridge until you find something new?


I don’t know about Medicaid and welfare, but I could look into it. Welfare typically is for people with children, but I could at least see about Medicaid and a food stamp card.


I hope you feel relieved,

And you really only have a few more months until you can go back to teaching, right?

That’s not a whole lot of time.

You could even pull off a low stress job for less money and just scrape by until then.

Sorry this job has been such a soap opera,

I’m happy you’re done with it.

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In NY, you qualify for Medicaid the day you leave your job. In other states, you have to wait a bit. I don’t know what your state is like. Here, you have to have less than $2,500 in the bank to get food stamps.


Good for you. I think you made the right move.

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See if you can get on dissability. It’s cool to know there’s people out there functioning with sz even though there are some hiccups like these. Makes me feel like I just have to find the right medicine bc I can barely function on invega. Good luck dude!

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@anon84763962, thank you for the support :slight_smile:

@anon20742722, disability takes way too long to get, and I do not have family to take care of me while I apply (and appeal). The initial decision alone takes three months, and I don’t have that kind of time. Even if I got it on the first try my benefit would be only about $1000/month before paying my Medicare premium. Yeah, I can’t do that. I have to work, no other choice. I actually have sza, not sz.

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Good luck @freakonaleash I am sure you will figure things out and it will work out.

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Well in that case good luck. I wish I had the mentality that I had to just do it all no matter what, but I have a lot of antisocial issues that make me scared to return to work. Do it for me, good luck!

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I’ve run into a couple of social services in cities who not only operate a food bank, giving out free food for needy people, but they also give out one-time cash grants that you don’t have to pay back. One place would pay one months rent to people in emergencies. I ran into a food bank that if you volunteered there for a couple of days a week they would give you free food to last a few weeks.