Serqouel and sleep talking

Hi is anybody on the antipsychotic Seroquel ? just wondering. lately my sister has pointed out to me that I have been talking in my sleep is this a side effect or part of schizophrenia/ schizoaffective disdorder ?. I’m 28 and have also experienced some night terrors within the past year I have also notice that I am very hungry within a couple of hours within taking it so I try to avoid high carb foods/junk food which I crave since being on it.

I take 300mg of Seroquel at night. I don’t talk in my sleep.

I don’t know if I talk in my sleep, but I have nightmares that startle me awake with my heart pounding. I, too, crave carbs on the Seroquel…have to keep them out of the house now.:unamused:

Dont laugh :rofl:
I was on serquel 25
years ago
It didnt do anything coz it is too little dose
But wiyh correct doe it will do a lot

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