Seroquel XR generic 50 mg will it work again?

Seroquel XR generic 50 mg will it work again?

the original seroquel that i imported a decade ago from the usa worked pos/neg symptoms for 2 months then i relapsed, and i took it afterwards and it never worked again for like 10 trials afterwards over a period of 7 years or so, never worked again


Are there any newer antipsychotics that you haven’t tried ? In fact are there any antipsychotics at all that you haven’t tried.

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Saphris 5 mg not tried, the pdoc (my doc yay who did the study in Belgium sais he doesnt believe in it)

tried every atypical except sertindole i have heart problems… i do not wanna try this one
tried Clozapine for 6 months with no effect :frowning:

Sarcosine 2 weeks with effect and persistent mania brain damage reversal. (was 2 months on it)

the only atypical that worked was seroquel instant low dose build up kicked in at 75 mg took no more then 100 mg once a day when it worked was cured for 2 months in 2003-2004
USA USA USA!!! :smiley:

Vraylar and rexulti will be released in Europe soon. You could always try those. But they’re similar to abilify though. How did you get on with abilify?

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Abilify is making me almost psychosis free, i do not have the positive symptoms but i have severe neg symptom still on abilify that sucks big, i wish i was 10 years on seroquel XR low dose and worked what the frack have i dont wrong to diserve this… and you peoplez…

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Why isnt there any new med from astrazeneca in a decade like a new seroquel???

only generics of their best selling med that helps many people but also can have bad side effects in some people :frowning:

im trying to stay optimistic, maybe too much it has lead to many failiures …