My generic Seroquel XR is doing something


reduction in negative symptoms like 45-50%, the normal seroquel IR and XR brand, dont work, i tried it for 20 times because it helped once.

2 weeks on generic seroquel XR and i feel better on the lowest dose… but not completely, i propably need to increase my dose… or not ?

This is really weird… I hope im not imagening this, no im not…

but last time i relapsed after 2 months 100 mg IR once a day…

This is weird!


For me it’s the opposite.
This new generic brand of risperidone seems less potent than my last generic brand.

Brand name Risperdal was potent.
Gave me Tachycardia at certain doses.

Glad your Seroquel is working for you.

No you are not imagining it.
There are differences between generics and brand name drugs.


The profile of isomers varies from one manufacturer to another, for example.


Some people are sensitive to the differences in generics. I’m not, personally, but I did notice a slight difference when I switched pharmacies.


I take brand name Risperdal Consta and generic quetiapine and generic ziprasidone. They all seem to work great for me.


Hey @Jayster!
Nice seeing you around!


i cannot tolerate ziprasidone at all, makes me nuts and TD side effect, extreme paranoia and extreme anxiety, i hope i found my magic bullet for a period of time