I feel different on Seroquel XR generic 50 mg

i feel different on Seroquel XR generic 50 mg

im 1 week on it, i hope my experiment on generic med doesnt go wrong, im loosing my faith…

I hope it will treating my psychosis for 2 months then relapse…


Seroquel xr wont help you at just 50mg with psychosis. It has a smaller peak than ir seroquel meaning it wont reach as high a concentration. For psychosis relief I would talk to your doctor about going up to 100mg or even 200mg. These are the doses which will do more.


Gorrister will 150 mg be enough?

thanks Gorrister, just emailed pdoc

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I’m on 200 mg of Seroquel. That was enough to calm me down.

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i just took 150 mg of Seroquel XR generic, i hope i survive the next 2 weeks until it kicks in…