Seroquel weird feeling after I take it

After I take (600mg) Seroquel I feel like im almost dying, it is a weird feeling kind of hard to explain anyone else experience this?

Did you start on a low dose or at 600 mg at once?

I gradually upped my dosage to 600mg, 100mg each month by my pdoc.

Ok. Good. I thought you just took 600 mg at once.

I have had some panic feelings in the beginning when I started Seroquel. I thought they tried to poison me because of the strange feeling of extreme sedation. But it is better now. I have 200-300 mg depending on how I sleep or not sleep.

Would switching from Seroquel IR to XR be better you think? On Seroquel IR it feels like im gasping for air whenever I go to sleep…

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Honestly, Seroquel made me feel High.
I experienced some pretty intense Visual Hallucinations on that stuff!


Nothing more humorous than when antipsychotics cause symptoms of psychosis

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Yeah Abilify was another AP that triggered psychosis.

“It’s not the drug, it’s your situation worsening. We need to hospitalize you right now…” - idiotic psychiatrist.

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