Taking Seroquel feels like im about to die

I am transitioning to only take Seroquel, I am currently on Abilify maintena (400mg Abilify Maintena every 4 weeks+600mg Seroquel) I take 300mg Seroquel at night then another 300mg Seroquel when going to sleep I do this because taking 600mg Seroquel all at once is really intense for me I don’t know exactly what it is, it might be the sedation but its a really intense feeling I get so thats why I take it in 1hour intervals and my psychiatrist says thats ok.

But I was wondering if anyone else gets this feeling? My pulse goes pretty high right after taking my Seroquel like 150 bpm and it kinda feels like im about to die or maybe its just in my head I don’t know…

Can you get in touch with your pharmacist?

I did take Seroquel for a short period of time but did not get that reaction. I think if I was taking a med that made my pulse go that high I would simply say “no thanks” and try a completely different med. There are so many different meds why wouldn’t you just switch?

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I take 400 x 2 Seroquel daily, and I don’t really feel it. I hardly notice it. I heard that this drug is very sedating for some people, though. If it’s that bad maybe you should look for alternatives. There are other options.

Speak to your pharmacist over the phone.

Some ap’s their supposed to do regular obs on you in case of a bad reaction.

I actually recently transitioned from seroquel to abilify. I never had this feeling with seroquel. It always made me sleepy and a little grouchy. You should contact a pharmacist and your pdoc. I don’t think this is normal.

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Fast heartbeat is a rare side effect of seroquel.

You should report this side effect to your doctor immediately. It is probably fine, but there is a rare side effect that can happen with some APs, especially when they’re combined with other meds. You should be checked out to make sure you aren’t having a serious bad reaction.