Seroquel, low energy, sugar cravings etc

I can barely move today and I’ve had a lot of cravings for sweet stuff since starting on Seroquel not so long ago, I’m at 300 mg now up from 200. It’s making it hard to do anything; is it to do with blood sugar levels? I don’t know how the drug causes that but this is no good. I’ve been forcing myself to do any even small thing because I just feel like lying down doing nothing all the time. I was doing better on Risperidone, dunno why the doc changed it.

Seroquel 200/300 mg is not a particularly high dose. Granted, it is supposed to be sedating so I don’t know why your doc prescribed it either. Since you already have negative symptoms which implies apathy, I guess Abilify would be a better medicine, because it is a bit activating aka energizing.

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Since you live in Canada, you might want to try contacting people at the CAMH (Center for Addiction and Mental Health) in Toronto. They have smart docs working there. For example, Aristotle Voineskos and collaborators have published some seminal papers on schizophrenia with prominent negative symptoms. They are among the best in the world. Maybe you could even enroll in some ongoing trials for new medicine or other treatments. There’s always a shortage of people with deficit schizophrenia for clinical studies, so they will most definitely welcome you :slight_smile:

I’ve been on Seroquel 400 x 2 daily for over a decade. I can’t even tell if I am taking it, but different med’s affect people differently. If you were doing better on Risperidone, then go back to that.

The first few weeks I was on seroquel I slept 14 hours each day and was groggy when I was awake. After about one month I was sleeping normally and able to do my regular stuff. My system adjusted to it.