Seroquel and fat

Does seroquel, hold on to fat by some mechanism? The lesser my dose the slimmer I become but at cost of psychosis. I been eating right and I think there is something unfair no matter how hard I push seroquel is going to hang onto that fat j ust a theory I thought of hoping someone who has more knowledge than me can chime in on it doesn’t have to be seroquel it could be zyprexa, r is per day I know little about prolactin but that the higher the estrogen man boobs start to form or gyro in some people. Where can I learn more about this stuff thank u all

I take seroquil and I find it very hard to lose weight.

This may help:


I started loosing weight when my seroquel dose was cut back and Latuda was added. I didn’t know if it was the drug or just that I didn’t feel so overly sedated anymore so I was up and moving more. Most likely a bit of both.

Metaformin is getting added to my mix very soon due to blood sugar levels. I don’t want diabetes.

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I take in a set amount of cals anyhow due to gym nutrition. But for people just watching their appetite I believe it does lower my desire to eat. Metformin that is. Diabetes is only a concern if your sugar intake is high like sodas juices candies whip cream cake. I keep my sugar intake zero. Except some fruits.

I take clozapine and gained a massive about of weight, the good thing is that I exercise a lot so it’s muscle mass instead of fat. I got up to 240 lbs with 19% BMI, I’m not sure where I am now, probably around 220 lbs. I went down on the clozapine so I’ve lost some of it.

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