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Wuhhhhhh. Such thing exists??? Is this different from getting a lot of likes

Edit: never mind I think I get it but plz explain more if u have anything:)

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Every time you flag something, the system keeps track of whether that flag was agreed with or disagreed with. This feature used to not matter at all, but with the recent update, it now affects whether posts are automatically hidden. I think you need to have a 60% or higher agreed rating to automatically hide posts.

This means that people who abuse the flagging system are less likely to be able to automatically hide posts.


Ideally posts should be flagged because you’ve done something wrong , as opposed to someone just disagreeing with you . This forum,though better than many, is part of that less than ideal world.


I used to flag posts, but I no longer flag because of the new feature. Also, I no longer block quote or mention people’s names or directly respond to people (with a few exceptions), I just focus on the idea of the thread.

Many threads I just stay away from because I know from experience that they’ll become contentious and get locked.

Consequently, I’m not as active as I used to be, but that’s what works for me.


I thought about leaving the site multiple times because of this flag feature/issue. I think it should be used mainly for trolls or people who talk about drugs excessively and other issues that are similar.

Personally, I get flagged for talking about my “delusions” like aliens and being tortured but they’re real to me and it helps getting it out on an online forum. I’ve had past lives and most people cannot handle the truth or my experiences. It is insulting to say I’m being offensive or whatever. I get offended too, but don’t have my finger constantly on the flag button.

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@insidemind when you try to convince others that your beliefs are true, you are violating the rules. The rules and guidelines can be found here

I mean if you just accept the forum rules here, you are less likely to be flagged. I think there are some people who are more likely to get flagged because they continuously post controversial ideas, or get into insulting comments. I’m sure people aren’t flagging others just because they don’t like them. I think the mods do a good job sorting that out.

I do think there should be a limit on the number of identities though, because some, not all, change names when they feel like they are being targeted, but in reality they are not changing their actual behavior. They are just starting shite under a new name.

Can we all just filter ourselves and follow the guidelines? I have a short life. I want to go through it with the least amount of drama. I love this site and the people here but it would be nice to come here and not see a bunch of locked threads or people raging against each other. Am I being naive about this? As miss USA would say, I just want world peace.


This is also a community of mentally ill, many of whom are very easily triggered. You just need to accept that it is not possible to have anything approaching a substantive discussion here and find other forums where you can tickle that pickle.


Tickle my pickle? You finally found out I am the creator of all the masturbation posts? :scream::scream:

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I guess I would recommend the use of private messaging. You can talk to each other if you think it is going to be triggering.

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Well, this is a schizophrenia website and people are sick and very ill for the most part. That’s like saying let’s ban delusional people because “I don’t like it.”

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That was you? All this time I was convinced it was @77nick77. I am shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you.

Yeah, no. I just avoid people who are triggered every time they get a pimple now. Also? I have a perfectly good email account.


This isn’t just a schizophrenia forum though. It’s specifically a schizophrenia RECOVERY forum. Trying to persuade others that your delsuions are real doesn’t help anyone recover, least of all you.


I get what you are saying. When I use the word controversial I mean topics that are sensitive issues like politics and religion. I’ve had people stop talking to me for years because I mentioned to them my personal beliefs and they were actually real friends in my circle. I know that you are allowed to talk about drugs, alcohol, and unusual beliefs you just can’t encourage them.

I guess I come here for support. If I want to talk about my delusions or paranoia, I talk to my doctor instead of here. I think some things talked about here can be better addressed talking to a doctor about instead of an entire site of strangers. Do people feel more comfortable talking to other schizophrenics and not their medical team? I dunno.

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I can safely say that I’ve ever flagged somebody, it was by accident.

I come from way rougher pastures than this one, haha.

I flag posts if I think they are breaking rules or may be too triggering for others.

I’ve had some flags where I’ve thought “Really? THAT got flagged?” But I don’t complain about it. All that does is lead to more flags.

I think we just have to learn from our mistakes and move on.
(But I do also think people might be a bit too triggerhappy to flag during disagreements.)

I feel repeated complaining about getting flags shows an unwillingness to change one’s behaviour.

I don’t flag to harm others. I flag to protect people from a potential harmful post.


You know where I’m at @velociraptor :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Yah. Beating your husband with your good arm.



What. I’m going to flag you…hahah kidding. I do beat hubby. I’m gaining more strength slowly but surely…right now I’m sitting in his chair just waiting for him to come home and yell at me…Hee hee. I do have my own chair…:crazy_face:


If you pee on it, it becomes yours. I learned this from my dog.