Serious Discussion Time

Could the Moderators please give a warning or perhaps suspend those who flag posts for no good reason.

It really is getting ridiculous. I’m about to ditch this joint after years of posting.


You shouldn’t let it bother you so much.

I get flagged all the time,

It doesn’t get to me.

The post flagging feature is glitched, it just auto-censors the post.

Edit: I just flagged my own post and it didn’t get censored. Hmm…

Some of my posts got flagged. It’s one thing if a person is genuinely abusive, but if they’re fair comments they have no right to flag them. A lot of people all over the place are going around trying to determine what is said in the public conversation. They have no right to do that.

I know, members have too much power when it comes to flagging posts.


For me it can be really aggravating when I feel like I have something important to say and someone won’t let me. It can make me mad.

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It auto flags if the person has had a positive ratio of helpful to unhelpful flags. If someone frequently makes helpful flags, the system won’t wait for us to review it before hiding the post. That said, there has been an awful lot of flagging going on tonight, not all of it warranted.

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And yes, some people need to learn how to handle disagreements without resorting to flags, but also, some people need to learn when they have said something offensive, even if it was by accident.

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There can be a lot of disagreement on what is offensive. What if a woman said directly to a guy’s face, but to someone else, “He’s boring”?

What if a guy said directly to a woman, but to another girl, “She’s boring”?

I think he was joking when he first got flagged. It was a joke I would of made myself.I think someone has it in for Patrick based on things he said in the past though. The flagging did seem out of control


Flags should be given in severe cases imo. But now people flag ■■■■ for the slightest disagreement or slightly feeling offended. It’s past the point of being ridiculous honestly.


I concur. 15151515


I rarely flag but if I do, its either for religious reasons or some idiotic comments.

If you think people are out to flag you, reality check yourself; this is a forum for sick people. Try to be considerate of other people.

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I think I’ve flagged two posts since the time I started here. It was because I thought they were breaking forum rules. I think people flag more because they are personally insulted than because the offender is actually breaking forum rules. I’ve had disagreements with posters but I know when I am reacting because of my feelings.

There are people I just don’t get along with personally, but I stay away from them so it doesn’t become personal. To be honest I do react when posters joke about women, that come across as sexist, but that’s just my opinion. I think people have less of a filtering system because we know we’ll never meet each other in the real world and also we are free to change identities. No offense, but some of you I would not hang out with in real life but others I probably would. I just think we could all try to put personal feelings aside and understand that even though we might not get along we are all equal. tiptoes away


Imo, this is what needs to be changed. Like a 2 name limit.

I’m glad you see this on my level @anon78876561


I only flag the inappropriate religious or trolling posts. I get flagged on occasion but getting more kind in my approach these days.

I agree that name changes are my biggest complaint. I get to know certain posters and their habits. It’s confusing to someone like me when people change all the time.

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If I don’t get a flag every now and then I think people are ignoring me and I get lonely.


Some of the things I’ve been flagged for I really roll my eyes over. And I get the email saying I’ve been flagged, so I’m assuming that means a mod approved the flag. 🤷

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