Selling things online

I’m trying to sell some things on facebook, but nobody is buying. I haven’t even gotten a like.
I can’t help but wonder what i’m doing wrong.

Should I upload at certain times to maximise exposure? Are my prices too high? Are my descriptions not good enough?
How do you get people to but your stuff?

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You could add really funny cheesy Batman Pow graphics but with the price and maybe have a funny picture of a cat with a funny face or something.

Slow time of year to be selling stuff, a lot of people broke this time of year

You should try ebay, there is a bigger audience. You might get more for it depending what it is and you can make them pay the postage.

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Some of the things I’m selling aren’t shippable, and some of the books are in Danish

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I usually wait a week then lower the price

Do you not have a version of Gumtree then? Like buy and sell websites?

We do have one, some of the things are listed there

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If you don’t have pics they aren’t gonna sale

They’ve all got pics

Then idk 151515

You may have to donate some of your stuff or do your parents or grandparents have a place you can store some stuff?

I figure I’ll donate it, but I’d really like to sell as much as possible to make money for a deposit.

I know, the money would be nice. How much time do you have?

I’m leaving on february 8th, but my friend is putting a lot of pressure on me to have them sold by thursday, as he feels I’ve promised him I could sell them and he says I’ll be making him look bad if I don’t

Why would it matter to him? It’s your stuff. I’m confused.

Becuase we’ll be living together and he’s leaving on friday.

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Oh, I didn’t know he was going with you. That’s great. Well do your best. Maybe lower prices and see if you get some bites that way.

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