Did you know that you can?

You can sell a bunch of stuff on Facebook groups?

I just posted 5-6 dresses and two pairs of converse I no longer wear and wore them like once or twice only.
Some people started contacting me. =)

If I make a couple hundred bucks, I can spend on some weird stuff I don’t need. :smiley:

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There’s also apps like LetGo and offerup

and then there’s ebay, craigslist more known

I sold everything I ever owned for weed and alcohol back when I liked that stuff and I haven’t bought anything since.

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Thatzzz for da popular people who have friends and/or viewers.

What if no one looks at your profile.

I do not have Facebook.

This is the only site I am on.

I can’t sell on this site cause don’t think it would be permitted.

Beware the folks who come to buy just to scout out your place to comeback later, or rob you of your thing your selling…or both.

How do you stay safe when your selling things?

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No i will not bring people in my home. We have a coffee store walking distance.

A dress i wore for a wedding bought 700 bucks designer satin dress i am selling for 90. I wore it once for 2 hours. For example

I removed the shoes though although they are brand new. Gonna put them in charity box.

Not on your facebook page. Facebook groups in your town. Like garage sale

Yea I’ve sold go pros and other stuff on there with no problem all you gotta do is check there profile to see if they’re somebody you can trust and meet them at a public place like a retail store parking lot or something.

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