Self care,how is yours?

How good are you at self care? Such things as washing and brushing teeth, eating regularly and sensibly, drinking enough(not alcohol!),weight control, exercising, sleep,leisure and social activities, avoidance of illegal drugs and excessive alcohol, not smoking, etc.

Washing and brushing teeth: Very irregular

Eating regularly and sensibly: Can go from eating once a day to 4-5 x. Eat a lot of ready meals and take aways . Have little fruit and veg.

Drinking enough: Think I drink enough but have been told several times I should drink more. That my skin suggests I’m on the dehydrated side .

Weight control: Seriously overweight . Have made a few attempts at losing without success. Medication effects are a major barrier.

Exercising: Do little,if any. Mostly short distance walking if and when I go out.

Leisure and social activities: Leisure involves surfing the web rather than group activities. Have very little social contact with other people. What social contact there is is family. No friends. Spend the vast majority of my time indoors.

Sleep: Irregular sleep pattern. Tend to go to bed a lot during the day and then up in the early hours of the morning .

Avoidance of illegal drugs and excessive alcohol: Good on this one for the most part. Have never done cannabis/cocaine/heroin etc. Most of the time don’t drink alcohol but can binge drink when very stressed to try and block out negative feelings.

Smoking: Never smoked.

Taking medication: Used to have a poor track record. Mostly though not exclusively due to forgetfulness rather than deliberate non compliance(few episodes of I’m relatively ok so why do I need this) .Much better since on depot ie have been late several times but nothing like the 40-50% taking of oral meds that previously occurred.

So overall not exactly good but not totally bad.

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I’m really lousy at brushing my teeth - what teeth I have. The rest of it I’m pretty good at - with the help of the home.

I find motivation can be a problem when it comes to self care.

could be better



could be better, don’t leave house much

I have a weight set that gets used

nearly non-existent. I have a roommate though.

Pretty good. Regular.

pack a day

getting better but still forget occasionally

never been great at taking care of my self sorry to say