Selective mutism

Any one ever have this problem?

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I have had this. I get nervous about talking in person and there are too many thoughts in my head and I want to tell someone all the thoughts. But I end up not being able to say any of them.

As far as it being selective, I do tend to do this around people I’m not fond of. There are times when I really can’t help the fact that I started a sentence and forgot what I was saying. But if it is someone I’m not fond of I will walk away in the middle of a sentence to get away from them. My brain will ask myself, “why are you talking to this person” and I’ll walk away.

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I’m like a clam when I have a meeting. Often cannot successfully open my mouth to take part in gp discussion. Like u said, too much come up in my head, can’t throw it all out at once. Can’t decide what is the most relevant comment. And easily could not catch up the moment to insert something to the flow of conversation.

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I has worked for some cases who have selective mutism. It was noted that many children with it develop sz later in life.

That is interesting. I know I didn’t have this as a child. I was told even the mailman would run away from me because I would never stop talking. When I was young, before SZ I was told I was non-stop always chattering. But it wasn’t always words. Some times it was just sound, even as a teen. Then one day I stopped and I think that was my first taste of negative symptom.

You sound like a VERY interesting kid! I think I would laugh a lot if I see u!

Maybe someone would try to close the little boxes faster than you opening them up! :relieved:

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If my sister is annoyed with me, she will do exactly that and then I’m stuck there opening them all again.

I feel like I am going through this. I find it hard to socialize in almost every situation. I can talk openly to one person I know/trust but throw in a couple more people and I completely shut down. It is the pressure I feel that everyone is going to analyze everything I say. There are a ton of things running through my head but I just cant spit any of it out. Not sure if this is selective mutism or just social anxiety, or they go hand in hand.

If this is happening around someone I know and trust, then it’s racing thoughts. If this is happening around someone new… It’s me being scared out of my wits.

Selective mutism (SM) is an anxiety disorder in which a person who is normally capable of speech does not speak in specific situations or to specific people. Selective mutism usually co-exists with shyness or social anxiety.

– there are cases who never speak in the school but very affluent at home. I have a difficulty to speak in small group tutorial in college.

Thank you! I am overcoming this little by little by little. I try to expose myself to uncomfortable social situations even though I want to run for the hills. It can be very frustrating when you are aware that you are being shy (or not speaking at all) and it seems like everyone is noticing. The comfort I find is when others point out that just about everyone is worried about what others are thinking so it turns out no one really is thinking about what I am doing or not doing.