Schizophrenia and conversations?

“I’m not good at talking. Can’t I just nod my way through a conversation? It’s better than nodding off.”
― Jarod Kintz


Not wanting to talk is a lot different from not wanting to listen.

i would call it selective listening…

I know I have selective listening. I am very selective about who I listen to… :wink:

Sometimes it’s not about not wanting to talk but struggling with the instantaneous nature of conversation . A quick and ready response doesn’t always come easy to hand.


I concure with that one thereare to much at risk to talk out load

The mouth was willing, but the mind was not.
That was me on haldol shots. I became so quiet my (ex) husband would shout out for others to look for me because he couldn’t hear me, and I was sitting directly behind him in the same small room.

Conversations can be hard. Most people aren’t very patient and talk too fast. And I trip over my words a lot.

I have a hard time with conversations, too. I’ll start a sentence, and forget what I was saying halfway through. It’s really frustrating; I can see the way it affects the people I talk to…like they’re thinking less of me because I can’t form a complete sentence.

I’m struggling a lot with conversations. I’ve noticed that if I talk to one person I can sort of hold a conversation together but as soon as a second or third person enters the conversation I just go quiet. It is like I don’t know who to talk to and who to listen to. My mind get all cluttered

I often drift off during conversation and end up having no idea what the person was talking about. I know everyone does that but I’m extra bad. I have trained myself to nod and fake my way through it though.

Group conversations can be tricky,knowing when to listen and when to say your piece.


I feel like my problem is the intrusive thoughts, rambling nonsense, thought blocking, and racing thoughts that prevent me from starting or keeping a conversation. What are some good methods to combat these symptoms? I feel like if I could get these under control the conversation problems will sort themselves out.

oh wow, when I’m talking to someone, all that goes away. My main fears is that I say things that are out in left field sometimes, especially texting guys, very obscure, flighty things, then I might lose them for good. But nobody stays anyway, might as well get used to it.