Selective mutism

Do I have selective mutism? I went mute for sometime at my first hospitalization. Cruising the Internet for symptoms. The mental system has stopped diagnosing me long ago. I am mute now mainly because of solitude. I just don’t have the occasion to speak to anyone.


i go mute when i get into contact with a lot of people that i don’t know. It used to be worse but it still happens.


That happens to me too

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Sorry to hear that. I had mutism as a child and when hospitalised and around others in groups. Some times I just find I can’t respond. Can’t find words to express anything in person. I think huge stress can create this too. Or there is nothing to say or want to say. I find it difficult making friends. And struggle with conversation. And when i do it seems forced. Because im expected too. I can go with out speech for very long periods when in hospital. But this may have been a help and not a hindrance. While there. I seem to do ok when I’m around people who care about me. Like some family members.

But they say I have autism. I don’t know if schizophrenia shares this mutism like autism does. I still struggle to know what my diagnosis is actually. I think the docs just try to cover their backs - don’t like to admit they are wrong. I was misdiagnosed and given a huge dose of antipsychotics which made me go insane. And in alot of pain.

I hope you find some tranquilty in being ok with yourself. Isolation can be so cruel. But other times quite lovely. I find.

You’re a writer too… i noticed you when i was looking at the forum. It can be extremely isolating when you’re actually gifted. People like to play you down to push themselves up. I’ve seen this in writers I know of. The social scene. It’s very clicky. And can be nasty and shallow. I hope you find solace in your creativity at least.

What’s that expression - shiit floats to the top? Something like that. Sometimes true sometimes not. I guess.


Sorry if I sound patronising at all. As youre older etc. And appear male. They say, respect your elders. Have you thought of getting a cat? I have birds. They are nice company. :slight_smile: Tried a dog but he turned into a giant and ate my carpet. I was afraid he’d break a leg. And he playfully would dig his claws in. Which became a bit too much with my bruises etc.

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